In the hostel, Nataly Gold and Capri Lmonde are playing hide-and-seek.


Nataly Gold and Kristof Cale meet their roommate, Capri Lmonde, in the Fake Hostel. Capri suggests they play hide and seek, and the pair rushes to hide behind the front desk. Capri locates them and instructs Nataly to flee and Kristof to search them out. Capri gives Kristof a blowjob while his girlfriend is distracted, and Nataly catches them in the act as he fucks her tight, juicy pussy doggystyle! Capri has a fresh idea for a game: a threesome! Kristof gets a double blowjob from the females, who then devour each other alive. Kristof squirts Nataly with his fingers, and Capri sucks her pussy secretions. Both ladies get fucked doggystyle by the stud, who then rewards them with a double facial.

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